About Us

Mission Statement

At Engage Building Products, our customers always come first.

We have made it our mission to create and support a wide array of products that solve common construction problems, saving time and money for homeowners and contractors alike.
Everything we do ties back to this commitment.

Our Past

Recognizing the need for a solution to the unfinished panels adorning modern buildings, company founder and CEO, Josh Singh, established EasyTrim Reveals in late 2009.


Innovation and ingenuity converged to produce a lineup of trims that could complement 5/16” fiber cement panels. As its popularity spread rapidly throughout the industry, EasyTrim’s product line expanded to include 4 different sizes of fiber cement panel, plank siding, cedar, vinyl, and more. Click here to find out more about EasyTrim Reveals.

Responding to another gap in the industry, QuickPanel Systems was incorporated in early 2017.


This value-engineered system was designed to compete with the traditional route and return ACM markets. Pushing back against a manufacturing industry with steep barriers to entry, QuickPanels made this sleek modern design accessible by offering a drastically reduced price from the industry standard, with no compromise on quality. Click here to learn more about QuickPanel Systems.

In order to manage our rapidly growing team and product lines, Engage Building Products was realized in mid-2017.


Connecting our knowledgeable sales representatives from both Canada and the United States, Engage became our central hub. Not only did this provide greater flexibility in adding new products to our catalog, but it also facilitated a more streamlined experience for our customers.

Launching in 2019, FastPlank is Engage’s newest addition.


Manufactured with single-family homes in mind, this aluminum plank system was designed to replicate the look and feel of wood siding, with little to no maintenance. Just like its sibling products, FastPlank became an innovative and cost-effective method to elevate any building. Click here to find out more about FastPlank Systems.

Our Present

Expert Product Development

Boasting over 300 patents worldwide, Engage Building Products has revolutionized the cladding industry. We’ve become experts in designing and developing new products. Utilizing infinitely recyclable aluminum building products, Engage is a shared leader in environmental sustainability.

We continue to demonstrate this value and prestige through our extensive lineup of cladding and trim systems. Each product has been designed for compatibility with most manufacturer’s products yet are dynamic enough to elevate even the most unique project.

Our Future

Long-Lasting Support

Our team at Engage Building Products provides support by working directly with our customers. By reviewing building plans and creating thorough estimates, detailing exact requirements, we ensure that every project is completed with excellence. That is our guarantee.

We strive to foster a close relationship with our clients that allow us to grow alongside them – so let us support your journey, from project conception all the way through to completion!