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At Engage Building Products,
your success is our success.

Our mission: to make our clients shine. To us, business is personal. We work in collaboration with our building partners to help them achieve their goals and ultimately, their vision. From product development to installation support, we’re there every step of the way.

Our Past

Recognizing the need for a solution to unfinished panels adorning modern buildings, company founder and CEO, Josh Singh, established EasyTrim Reveals® in late 2009.


Innovation and ingenuity converged to produce a lineup of trims that could complement 5/16” fiber cement panels. As its popularity spread rapidly throughout the industry, EasyTrim’s product line expanded to accommodate four different sizes of fiber cement panel, plank siding, cedar, vinyl, and more.

EasyTrim maple in calgary alberta

Responding to another gap in the industry, QuickPanel® Systems was incorporated in early 2017.


Introduced as an alternative to costly, traditional route and return ACM systems, QuickPanel® offers a sleek, modern look at a dramatically reduced price, with no compromise on quality. QuickPanel® is becoming an increasingly popular choice, not just for commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings, but for residential and multi-unit properties as well.

In order to manage our rapidly growing team and product lines, Engage Building Products™ was realized in mid-2017.


As our product offering continued to expand, so too did the operations and sales teams. The groups in both Canada and the United States were amalgamated under the Engage brand. Not only did this provide greater flexibility in adding new products to our catalog, but more importantly, it allowed the organization to provide a consistent and streamlined customer experience.

EasyTrim, 3257 Norford Common NW, Single Family (wide)

Introduced in 2019, FastPlank® is Engage’s latest addition.

Manufactured with single-family homes in mind, this aluminum plank system was designed to replicate the look and feel of wood siding, with little to no maintenance. Like its predecessors, FastPlank® Systems has rapidly become a more sustainable and cost-effective solution to elevate curb appeal and longevity to all types of building exteriors.

Our Present

Smart Minds. Smart Materials.

Engage Building Products™ is creating a legacy delivering innovative, high-performance exterior cladding solutions that inspire a compelling, new vision of building design and construction.

Guided by a commitment to partnership, collaboration, and agile design, we are dedicated to solving form and functional challenges that help our building partners flex their creativity with sustainable solutions that endure.

We are devoted to cultivating a close and connected relationship with each client, collaborating at every stage of their construction journey, from conceptualization to completion. To us, business is personal, and we take pride in operating as invested partners, providing unparalleled advice, service, and product support.

When you partner with Engage, your success is ours.


Simplify & Revolutionize

Innovation starts with an idea, and the motivation to actualize it. To see a problem through the lens of its solution.

With more than 300 patents, our ever-expanding suite of versatile, infinitely recyclable exterior building systems are designed to dramatically enhance curb appeal, ease installation and accelerate timelines. Since inception, our commitment to simplify and revolutionize the building products industry, has remained fixed. With intelligent, versatile, and stunning designs, we’ve quickly established our systems and solutions as the industry’s choice for the most effective long-term results.

Noble Apartments QuickPanel


Endure the Elements

At Engage Building Products, our exceptional exterior building products are designed to provide superior protection against the elements. Our innovative solutions, FastPlank, QuickPanel and EasyTrim have all been meticulously crafted to endure even the most extreme weather conditions, ensuring ultimate durability, longevity, and an extraordinary final result.

Made with heavy gauge, extruded aluminum, our profiles offer the strength of steel with a significantly lighter weight, making it the ultimate choice. Crafted from high-quality alloys, all components consistently demonstrate exceptional durability and outperform competitive materials, even in the harshest conditions.

Noble Apartments


Our Commitment

At Engage Building Products™, we’re dedicated to providing high-performance, sustainable exterior aluminum building products that enhance the beauty of your project design. We aim to revolutionize the building products and construction industry by offering innovative solutions that leave a positive impact on the environment.

We are deeply committed to advancing sustainability with our aluminum solutions. To accomplish this, we actively contribute to a range of programs and initiatives, included the AIA 2023 Challenge, LEED, Living Building Challenge, and Passive House. Through our involvement in these initiatives, we strive to create buildings that are not only energy-efficient and low-carbon but also truly sustainable.

Our People Make the Difference

Unmatched Support

The team at Engage is dedicated to providing unmatched product support, working closely and directly with clients, from planning through to construction. We’ll review building plans and provide comprehensive estimates and take-offs, detail exact requirements, and help you solve challenges that arise, to ensure that every project is completed with excellence. That is our commitment.

We strive to foster a collaborative relationship with building partners to ensure their success. Partner with Engage and see the difference.

Engage Construction team

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