the Elements

At Engage Building Products, our exceptional exterior building products are designed to provide superior protection against all types of elements. Our innovative solutions, FastPlank, QuickPanel and EasyTrim, have been meticulously crafted to endure even the most extreme weather conditions, all while guaranteeing durability, longevity, and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Made with aluminum, our building products offer the strength of steel with a significantly lighter weight, making it the ultimate choice. They are crafted from high-quality alloys and have consistently demonstrated their exceptional durability by outperforming competing materials even in the harshest conditions.

Here’s Why Our Aluminum Products Stand Out

Unparalleled Durability

Aluminum excels in harsh weather conditions. It surpasses the longevity and resilience of most other materials, providing unmatched durability.

Lightweight Design

With aluminum’s lightweight nature, our products offer ease of handling during installation, while maintaining structural integrity.

Resistance to Elements

Aluminum’s remarkable properties enable it to withstand a wide array of environmental challenges, including intense heat, cold, rain, snow, and wind.



Our EasyTrim product offers a hassle-free maintenance experience, designed with patented water management features that ensures durability and longevity. This low-maintenance solution not only safeguards your exterior but also enhances its overall performance.


Our innovative EZ.Bump® technology revolutionizes water management, protecting your building from the elements, and against moisture infiltration and potential damage.


Designed with an 8-degree slope our innovative EZ.Slope® technology allows for these horizontal ledges to shed water and grime, keeping your siding clean and free of dirt streaks.



Our FastPlank aluminum siding provides a worry-free experience with no maintenance obligations. It is expertly crafted to shield against various weather conditions, ensuring exceptional durability and resilience. This long-lasting solution guarantees high-quality performance that remains unaffected by fading or warping over time.


Our system’s integrated rainscreen offers superior protection against any weather elements, safeguarding your building against the damaging effects of these elements.

Clip & Slide Technology

The innovative Clip & Slide technology simplifies installation and eliminates gapping and buckling, ensuring a seamless and visually appealing finish regardless of the climate.

Dual-Stage Coated Protection

Our dual-stage coated finish protects against abrasion, staining, UV radiation, and acid rain. This extra layer of defence keeps your building looking pristine for years to come.



Our QuickPanel Systems offers a cutting-edge 4mm ACM Rainscreen System that provides comprehensive drainage, circulation, and ventilation integral to the system’s design. Our innovative solution guarantees the integrity and longevity of your building, delivering both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Patented Water Management Technologies

Our ACM Rainscreen System provides superior moisture protection to your building while reducing maintenance needs. Experience hassle-free exterior maintenance with our innovative technology.

Fire-Rated Panels

Our fire-rated panels are sealed with high-performance PVDF paint, specially formulated to provide exceptional protection against chemical staining, dirt, UV radiation, and acid rain. Have peace of mind knowing that your building is safeguarded against potential hazards.

Rigorous Testing and Warranty

Our QuickPanel Systems undergo rigorous testing in a variety of conditions to ensure optimal performance, offering a 15-to-30-year product warranty. You can have confidence in the durability and reliability of your building.

excellence & durability

Committed to Providing High Quality Building Solutions

At Engage, we are committed to providing high-quality building solutions that offer superior protection, durability, and long-term performance. With FastPlank, QuickPanel, and EasyTrim, you can trust in our products to safeguard your buildings against the elements while maintaining an appealing aesthetic. Experience the power of aluminum and revolutionize your construction projects today.


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Partner with Engage Building Products and you can be sure our products will last the test of time. Endure the elements with Engage Building Products.