A versatile ACM panel system designed to complement your vision and extend the life of your building.

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QuickPanel®, our versatile ACM panel system, revolutionizes every aspect of exterior design and system implementation.

Developed to introduce new and endless possibilities for exterior building design, QuickPanel® also dramatically enhances outer integrity and durability. Unique patented features include an integrated pressure-equalized rain screen providing comprehensive drainage, air circulation, and ventilation.

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Make it Quick

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Available in a variety of stock or custom colors, QuickPanel is designed for versatility, with impressive and lasting results on multi-family developments, and commercial storefronts as well as educational, institutional, healthcare buildings and more.

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Manufactured from infinitely recyclable aluminum, our ACM panels offer a premium finish and contribute to project sustainability goals. Coil-coated finishes offer an eco-friendly and environmentally responsible means to produce a high-quality, uniform finish that helps protect panels.

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Our integrated rainscreen and patented features are designed to protect your building envelope from moisture and debris. Our fire-rated ACM panels are extraordinarily durable, providing superior protection against harsh environmental elements.

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Premium Performance

Our high-performance fire-rated ACM panel system, QuickPanel® features a pressure-equalized rainscreen and intelligently designed features that ensure superior moisture protection and drainage. This reduces future maintenance and extends the building’s like-new appearance. Rigorous testing, both internally and by independent labs, ensures optimal performance.

Backed by a comprehensive product warranty, you’ll have peace of mind and confidence in the durability and longevity of your building.

QuickPanel is available in your choice of 4mm fire-rated aluminum composite material (ACM) panels or 3mm non-combustible solid plates.

Luxury Look

A cost-effective alternative to Route and Return systems, QuickPanel® is cut to size on-site and installed using a fully concealed two-piece trim system. As specifications often vary through final construction, our system helps reduce overall time and costs related to installation.

Choose from a vast selection of stock colors, or customize colors through our ColorMatch® program to create the look you want, at an affordable price. Panels and trims can be applied in a variety of angles for endless design possibilities. Let your imagination soar with QuickPanel®.

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Innovative Features Designed to Protect Your Exterior

Patented Water Management Technologies

Our ACM Rainscreen System provides superior moisture protection to your building while reducing maintenance needs. Experience hassle-free exterior maintenance with our innovative technology.

Fire-Rated Panels

ACM Panels are sealed with high-performance PVDF paint, specially formulated to provide superior protection against chemical staining, dirt, UV radiation, and acid rain. Gain peace of mind knowing that your building is safeguarded against potential hazards.

Wind Load Tested

Withstands (ASTM E330) wind load tests exceeding 99.84 psf shielding your structure in the strongest winds

Fire Resistance

Choose from our 4mm fire-rated ACM panels or 3mm non-combustible solid plates, all designed to withstand extreme heat, mitigate the risk of ignition, and decelerate the spread of flames.

UV Protected

Panels and plates are coil-coated and treated to ensure long-term defense against ultraviolet (UV) radiation as well as rusting, staining, chipping, peeling, and fading.

Compression Assembly

Accommodates up to 5/8″ of building compression between floors.

No Face Fasteners

QuickPanel delivers a clean, and modern aesthetic and eliminates the need for unsightly face fasteners.

Comprehensive Warranties

For the ultimate peace of mind and confidence, QuickPanel comes with a 20 to 30-year product warranty.

Endless Design Possibilities

Choose from a vast selection of standard color options, or customize colors through our ColorMatch® program.

Quick As 1-2-3

QuickPanel Assembly Piece

Simplified Installation Makes it Quick

Remove the need for unsightly face fasteners or messy caulking with QuickPanel’s EZ.Lock® technology. QuickPanel® is cut to size on-site and installed using a fully concealed two-piece trim system.

See our QuickPanel® installation guide and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to install.

QuickPanel® Systems lightweight, easy-to-install ACM panels make a superior choice for modern building designs.

Versatility in Design

Designed for versatility, QuickPanel® is ideal for all types of building exteriors from residential and commercial, to multi-unit developments, commercial storefronts, educational and healthcare institutions, and much more.

QuickPanel’s strength and durability, combined with patented features, protect your building exterior from the harshest conditions. QuickPanel® is available in fire-rated ACM panels or non-combustible solid plates providing exceptional fire resistance. Our integrated pressure-equalized rainscreen system dispels dirt and debris more effectively, ensuring you maintain a like-new look with little to no maintenance.

Connect with one of our dedicated representatives across North America and find out how you can use QuickPanel® to create a unique and extraordinary building design.

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Featured QuickPanel Project

The Florida Building

Originally built in 1926, The Florida Building underwent an extensive renovation expanding to 6 floors and updating the building to a modern and luxurious heritage apartment complex. The QuickPanel exterior showcases shades of grey and silver, creating a timeless, modern aesthetic.

The Florida Building Vancouver QuickPanel

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Unmatched Support At Every Step

At Engage Building Products, we’re committed to your project’s success. Our team collaborates with our clients to review building plans, provide complimentary estimates and take-offs, and answer any questions to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

With a full team of technical support and installation training representatives combined with a suite of installation guides, warranty information, product specifications and more, you can feel confident knowing Engage Building Products has you covered.

Peace of Mind

QuickPanel® Systems is available in 4mm ACM panel and 3mm solid plate with 20-30 year finish warranties. Introduce confidence and peace of mind to your next building facade with QuickPanel®.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Give us a call to find out how QuickPanel® Systems can enhance your next project while saving time and money.

No, we pride ourselves on being the trim experts; however, QuickPanel Systems is sold as a complete system with the panel components supplied by North America’s largest ACM manufacturers.

QuickPanel® is certified as an AAMA 508-certified, pressure-equalized rainscreen system, that provides exceptional moisture management, protecting your building exterior.

Unfortunately, no; however, you can purchase QuickPanel Systems through one of our local dealers. Please visit our Find a Dealer page and our Inside Sales team can point you to your nearest dealer.

Our technical service representatives can provide over-the-phone support for every project. In certain instances, QuickPanel is able to offer on-site installation training and support depending on the project’s location and overall scope. Contact us to find out more.

Yes, we do. We’d be pleased to meet with your team to share the features and benefits of our exterior building systems and solutions. Plus, we can facilitate accredited AIA course presentations. Contact one of our local area representatives to find out more.

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