Strong In-Market Product Support and Customer Service Helps Client to Build Brampton Soccer Centre On-Time

You work with certain companies because their products provide value. However, if companies build a long-lasting relationship based on service and trust, it can lead to a long-lasting solution for the customer.

With the remarkable growth of the building materials industry, customers now have more choice than ever. So, how does Engage Building Products manage to keep their customers happy? With best-in-class customer service and enviable customer relations.

Brampton is the fastest-growing community in Greater Toronto, with a population nearing half a million. Much of the population is composed of families and individuals seeking convenient and active pursuits.  This created the need for an indoor soccer center, as well as more outdoor pitches. This community need evolved into the demand for the building materials to further expand and grow the existing soccer center, which is where Engage Building Products is introduced.

The Brampton Soccer Centre in Ontario was faced with several construction obstacles to overcome – time and schedule being the most prevalent. Engage Building Products’ Ontario Area Sales Manager, Victoria Love, who oversees the entire province, demonstrated in this case that providing unmatched customer service to build relationships with customers, is just as important as the quality of the building products we supply. Time was of the essence for this project, and to the customer, time was of the most value.

Our team wants to ensure peace-of-mind for the people who work with us. In this case, the ease of obtaining the building materials needed, with a streamlined lead time. Victoria had already established trust with the customer from working with them on previous projects. So, when her customer came to her with a completion date and a need for a soffit, she was able to provide a solution for them – on-time, on-schedule – and make it a reality. QuickPanel, our versatile ACM panel system, was already planned for this project, but when the additional request for a soffit came, we were able to also supply FastPlank, our aluminum plank solution. The Dark Fir planks perfectly compliment the timeless and long-lasting appeal of the exterior façade.

To help solve Victoria’s creative and product expertise suggested that if we were able to convert the measurements from 4” FastPlank to 6” FastPlank, this allowed her to be able to deliver the products a lot faster than expected to the customer, through stock within our established regional distribution partnerships across Canada. This, of course, was priceless to the customer as they needed this soffit to meet their project construction schedule.

Plus, Engage’s in-house estimation team worked alongside our in-market team, going back and forth (rapidly, of course) with customized plan revisions and estimates to make sure the client was getting what they requested, even as the measurements needed to be readjusted several times over the course of this project.

In no time at all, the customer had the building material on-site that was needed to complete their project in Brampton. The soffit of the construction project was clad with 6” FastPlank, paired with our QuickPanel on the exterior, which extended the overall modern design of the soccer center.

The client was left with everything they had asked for, right on time with comprehensive customer service along the way. At last, the project was finally complete for players, families, and the customer to enjoy. Now overlooking the many soccer fields outside is a building featuring QuickPanel and FastPlank, that will last as long as the love for soccer itself.

At the end of the day, there was a need for a product to be delivered within a set timeframe to the customer. The in-market product representatives with Engage Building Products are there to build trusted relationships, creative project-specific solutions, and provide unparalleled customer service to keep the customer happy and their project looking spectacular in no time!

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