Designing the Dream: A Nashville Home Built with EasyTrim Reveals Aluminum Trim

Designer and homeowner Jim, an industrial product designer and first-generation Dane, had always dreamed of designing and building his own home. As a veteran in the building industry with a history of constructing homes across the southern states, Jim was determined to create his ultimate dream home in Nashville.

Design Inspiration

Influenced by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and his wife’s Danish heritage, Jim aimed to incorporate contemporary design elements into his home. One of the key features he wanted to incorporate was 24-inch eaves and windows.


During the design process, Jim found inspiration for his siding from another house that had a beautiful orange faux finish. However, the siding product they used was costly and sourced from a company out of Sweden. In search of a more cost-effective solution, Jim began investigating Hardie boards, which ultimately led him to discover EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trim.

Siding Solution

The siding on Jim’s house is pre-colored panels in a burnt orange color with a faux pattern, which he had painted with the help of a local artist. To complement the siding, Jim chose the EasyTrim aluminum trim in the color option clear anodized. The aluminum lines added a straight edge to the house, and the asphalt under-trims helped to tone it down, taking inspiration from a rock they had dug out.

Installation Challenges

The team installing EasyTrim faced some challenges during the installation process. They had initially ordered too much product, as they had only worked on commercial buildings previously. The house also had many angles and turns, making the installation process more difficult. Thankfully, EasyTrim offers a wide range of trims to accommodate any installation area, even those that are tricky or tight. The two-piece trims make complex installations much more manageable, allowing installers to achieve a professional and polished finish without the hassle.

He did not initially deal with EasyTrim sales representatives but later decided he needed a 10×10 shed added to the property. He had difficulty finding local, in-stock options, but the EasyTrim representatives were extremely helpful in locating the stock he needed through Jake from ABC Supply.

Advice for Homebuilders

Jim’s advice for anyone thinking of designing and building their own home is to be prepared for a lot of work but also to not regret it for a second. He also had a central heating system installed in the home, a rare feature for a home in Nashville.


Jim’s experience designing and building his dream home in Nashville was challenging but ultimately rewarding. EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trim was crucial in achieving the contemporary look he desired for his house. Despite some initial challenges during the installation, the final result was a striking and visually appealing design. Additionally, the assistance from EasyTrim representatives in finding the necessary materials for the shed addition was greatly appreciated by Jim. Overall, he was very satisfied with the outcome and recommends the design and build process to anyone willing to put in the work.

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