Benefits of FastPlank® Woodgrain Aluminum Siding

First offered as a siding option in the 1930s, aluminum cladding was seen as an affordable, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to wood siding. However, when the energy crisis in the 1970s occurred, vinyl and stucco siding options were developed. 

After the crisis had subsided, the popularity of aluminum siding began to rise again. This trend continues to this day because of all of the fantastic benefits it can bring to commercial and residential exteriors. FastPlank® Systems offers one of the most innovative woodgrain aluminum siding options on the market today. In this article, we will discuss all of the benefits it can bring to your next project.

Cost Effective


While aluminum siding may appear more expensive than traditional siding options such as wood or vinyl, FastPlank® Systems’ technologically advanced design makes it one of the easiest siding to install. This also gives it superior durability, lasting with little to no maintenance for decades. These features lead to overall savings on the cost of installation as well as removing the costs associated with having to replace, fix or repaint siding every few years.


As a building material, aluminum is significantly more environmentally friendly than many other choices. This is because it can be recycled infinitely, which means that it does not have to be constantly mined to produce new aluminum. Instead, it can be processed from metal already used or purchased and then used in a new product.

Protection From the Elements


FastPlank® System’s patented water management technology ensures optimal protection for structures from water-related damages such as rot and rust. Our built-in rainscreen not only exceeds building code requirements but also offers a superior first-line of defense against extreme weather by channeling water away from a building. In addition to being impervious to water, FastPlank®’s aluminum siding is designed to be hail and impact resistant. 

Low Maintenance

Aluminum is an extremely easy material to keep looking new and clean. A simple soap and water wash-down once a year is all that is necessary to make sure no debris is lodged in any of the seams. And with the average lifespan of the exterior finish being 12-15 years, there is no need to repaint every few years as with other cladding materials.



If you’re looking for cladding materials that won’t catch fire or burn, then FastPlank® Woodgrain Aluminum Siding is the best option. Our aluminum siding is made with high-performance materials that are non-combustible, will not spread fire, and will not melt in extreme temperatures. Meaning a building can stay fire-safe while keeping the look of natural wood. 

Locally Stocked

With hundreds of dealers across North America, purchasing aluminum siding for a project is a hassle-free experience. Local representatives are also available to assist with all aspects of a build, from design to installation support. 

Industry-Leading Warranty


FastPlank® is committed to providing the best value in quality, design, and service in the building products industry. As a leader in this industry, we offer one of the best warranty packages to ensure your investment is protected throughout a property’s lifetime. Each of our aluminum siding systems comes with a 20-year finish and a 50-year product warranty-giving peace of mind and assurance that our products will stand the test of time.

The benefits are clear. FastPlank® woodgrain aluminum siding is quickly becoming a popular choice for those looking to add additional value to their residential or commercial properties for several reasons. The appeal of the low-maintenance lifestyle combined with the durability, strength, and quality FastPlank® offers makes it one of the best choices available, especially considering how many benefits you get from installing this type of cladding on your home or business. With a selection of woodgrain and solid finishes available, contact us today to discuss how our team of experts can make your next project a reality.

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