Designed by architects.
Engineered by building scientists.
Proven by installers.



The industry’s leading aluminum trim system compatible with fiber cement, vinyl & more.

Our high-performance aluminum plank system is available in a variety of wood grain textures and colours.

A versatile ACM panel system designed to complement your vision and extend the life of your building.





Innovative Features Guaranteed to Make You Stand Out

We have made it our motto to create and support products that solve common problems in construction, saving time and money for homeowners and contractors alike. This guiding principle has allowed us to come up with over 300 patented design features that not only save you time, but increase profitability by reducing your overall installation time. Our EasyLock® two-piece system, with snap-in top caps promises maximum panel coverage and faster installation. Fit & Finish® refers to our interlocking trims equalling no exposed sharp edges, reducing liability and injury. Additionally, built-in moisture management features such as EZ.Bump® and EZ.Slope® ensures water is directed away from your building envelope along intelligently designed drainage channels, keeping your siding clean and free of dirt streaks.

Unmatched Support At Every Step

Here at Engage Building Products, we are committed to your project’s success. Our team collaborates with our clients to review building plans, create estimates, and answer any questions to ensure a smooth project from start to finish. We believe the best way for us to look good, is for you to look good.

With a full suite of installation guides, warranty information, product specifications and more, you can feel confident knowing Engage Building Products has you covered.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. We are dedicated to going above and beyond, whether that means in-person site visits, providing comprehensive installation support, or educating on up-and-coming innovations in the industry. It’s our goal to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients that grow alongside them.