Maximizing Your Exterior Design With Black Anodized Trim

Black is neutral, which brings harmony to a color scheme and can be used effectively with just about any color. Black adds drama and interest to the building’s design when used for trim; on a white house, for example, black trim emphasizes architectural features for a more modern look.

Ivy by Brookfield Homes

Ivy by Brookfield Homes in the University District of Calgary, AB, is an urban master-planned community that includes robust, curated amenities such as parks, trails, playgrounds, a community center, daycare, dog park, community garden, grocery store, library, swimming pool, shops, schools, restaurants and many sports centers and arenas. 

The architect had the tough job of designing a building that had to simultaneously fit in with the rest of the community harmoniously while still standing out on its own aesthetically. To achieve this, EasyTrim’s black anodized trim was used to create horizontal and vertical balance by framing multi-directional materials, providing an organized complexity that people gravitate toward.


Research has shown that people prefer facades that are visually complex over more homogeneous designs, as diversity keeps them more engaged and interested. With this in mind, black trims can be used to give form to a variety of materials used in order to create a bold design with a neutral color palette, as seen in the “Ivy by Brookfield” project. In fact, using black trims for this project added drama to an otherwise too neutral façade and created architectural details for a modern, cool aesthetic.

Residential Home with Lap Siding

Black trim is a great way to make an uninspired or unfocused design more exciting and sophisticated. It automatically draws the eye and highlights architectural features (or creates an illusion of architecture where it doesn’t exist), making a lackluster building pop with charm.

For this house, the “black-trim” design trend was used to create a crisp and stark effect by outlining windows, doors, and soffits with EasyTrim black anodized trim. This technique is also used on the lap and panel siding.

A Lasting Impression

Unlike painted trims, EasyTrim’s Black Anodized Trims are manufactured specifically to ensure a timeless facade without fading over time. The process of anodizing coats the surface of aluminum with a protective layer bonded to the skin of the metal and prevents the surface from becoming oxidized or corroded. 

Achieving a good design is one that’s able to attract attention without being too flashy. It can be used effectively with just about any primary cladding color you are looking to compliment. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a light or dark-colored building; black adds drama and interest to the building’s overall design. Make your next project breathtaking with EasyTrim Reveals; contact us today for a free sample and no-obligation quote.

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