Muskoka Discovery Centre Case Study

PROJECT Muskoka Discovery Centre
LOCATION 275 Steamship Bay Road, Gravenhurst, ON


The Muskoka Discovery Centre is an educational center in Gravenhurst, ON, that focuses on the history and ecology of the region. They’ve created an incredibly interactive and fantastic museum packed with things to see and do.

Muskoka Discovery Centre prides itself on using materials that are easy on both people and the planet with its commitment to sustainability. So QuickPanel Systems was a perfect fit for their project—and we’re pretty sure you’ll agree!



Modern Technology + Sustainable Design

This building is a stunning example of what can be achieved when combining the beauty of nature and modern technology. The architect, Trevor McIvor Architects, who also designed the Muskoka Bay Resort, wanted to create a structure that would reflect the beauty of Lake Muskoka as well as be sustainable enough to withstand the harsh winters experienced near the great lakes region.

Trevor McIvor Architect Inc. and Trea Building Systems Inc have been building beautiful luxury homes, cottages, and commercial buildings since 2016. Not only do they build with alternative energy and sustainable systems in mind but also with the belief in appreciating natural features, admiring the aesthetic qualities of a home, and valuing high-quality products. General contractor, Trea Building Systems Inc, works closely with Trevor McIvor Architects to prefabricate buildings in-house to have fast and easy completion of projects. This pairs magnificently with QuickPanel Systems as we also pride ourselves on streamlining the installation process, assisting with finishing your project quickly and efficiently.

They chose QuickPanel Systems because it was designed specifically for projects like this. The mirrored curved panels reflect the picturesque scenery of Muskoka Bay and create an illusion of a futuristic building floating above the lake. In addition, QuickPanel Systems are weather-resistant, making it perfect for the high humidity, low winter night temperatures, and high winds witnessed in Gravenhurst, Ontario.


Muskoka Discovery Centre reflection of lake


Installation Support = Site-Specific Solutions

The Install Support Team was on-site to assist the MWI Metal Roofing team with installing the QuickPanel Systems. They took advantage of the frozen lake and installed the curved panels without waves affecting the installation during the winter. Install Support Team member Jordan was the original member who suggested having a curved panel option for QuickPanel Systems. He believed it would be a valuable feature to include in our product line and he was right. As shown in this project, curved panels are an attractive and versatile option that can make any building stand out.

If you want a comprehensive aluminum composite panel siding system that can be cut on-site and is easy to install, with a beautiful luxury look, keep QuickPanel Systems in mind for your next project. We offer free samples and no-charge estimates.

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