Wood Siding vs. Aluminum Plank: Why Choose FastPlank® Systems?

With such a wide range of siding materials available on the market today, deciding on which is best for your project may feel overwhelming.

Wood has long been a popular building material for it’s naturally beautiful grain, but rising costs and frequent maintenance are making it become less desirable overall.

Customers often want the beautiful appearance of wood, but end up using newer materials that provide an easier installation and improved durability. Aluminum plank siding, like FastPlank®, is one of these options, boasting outstanding longevity, durability and water management capabilities with little downside.

FastPlank® Systems offers the best of both worlds, by providing aluminum plank siding with natural woodgrain designs. Those in the market can now choose from one of the many standard woodgrain finishes; including dramatic dark walnut and popular light cherry options (among others). This means that aluminum plank siding can be used to make modern, affordable, and durable woodgrain siding a reality on your next building project.

Why is wood siding popular?

There is something about natural wood grain that is inherently beautiful. The natural variation of patterns spread out across each plank makes for a truly distinct siding that stands out from the curb. The trouble with wood is, it requires frequent maintenance to prevent weather-related damage, like rain, hail and UV rays.

Wood is also particularly prone to pitting, often developing weak spots where mold and mildew may develop and grow. Also, it’s one of the most expensive cladding options on the market, with prices rising steadily in recent years.

So how can you get the look of wood siding without the issues that come along with it? FastPlank® is an aluminum plank siding system that offers a cost-effective alternative to wood siding and brings distinct advantages over other manufactured siding options. Naturally, the strength of aluminum brings enhanced durability, reduced maintenance, and far superior fire protection.

Looks Matter: Decide based on appearances

What’s more, FastPlank® can be used strategically on a building’s exterior, such as a tall column or an eye-catching soffit, adding dimension and contrast to the facade. Mixing in woodgrain aluminum planks with solid color panels of fiber cement or aluminum composite material (ACM), can be an easy way to bring an enviable visual appeal to your project.

Each aluminum plank has a natural, eye-catching shine in daylight. Best-in-class UV protection ensures that every plank retains its brilliant finish long into the future. Plus, FastPlank® is backed by 50-year product and 20-year finish warranties.

Take a look at examples of homes and commercial properties using FastPlank® to see how you can create modern, award-winning designs without the expense or challenges that come from using real wood siding.

Comparison of aluminum plank siding and real wood

Features FastPlank® Systems
(Aluminum Plank Siding)
Real Wood Siding
Able to withstand high winds x x
Channels water away with full rainscreen system x x (prone to rotting)
Air cavity that exceeds building code rainscreen requirements x
Available in nearly any color x x (painted)
Naturally fire-resistant x
Fully concealed fasteners x
Streamlined 5-step installation process x
Clip & Slide™ for easy installation x
UV finish protection x
Eco-friendly siding solution x x
50-year product warranty x
20-year finish warranty x

Which is better, aluminum or wood siding?

Historically, wood has been an abundant and convenient cladding solution; however, wood siding shows its age without grace, and the cost of real wood continues to rise. There are very few reasons to choose natural wood siding today.

Alternatively, aluminum planks offer far superior durability and functional elements in their design to protect your building while looking great doing it.

Whether we are comparing installation times, durability, water management, or nearly any other feature, aluminum comes out far ahead, when compared to real wood.

FastPlank® Systems offers realistic woodgrain designs that closely replicate the appealing aesthetics of natural wood. With the popularity of aluminum rising quickly for new builds around the world, it’s no surprise that wood is being passed on more frequently as builders and homeowners discover the advantages aluminum offers over wood, both in immediate appeal as well as long-term attractiveness, durability, and ease of maintenance.

FastPlank® Systems: The modern woodgrain siding solution

Whether you are starting a new build or looking to update an existing design, there is good reason to consider aluminum plank siding as a replacement for real wood. Ensure that your building is prepared to stand the test of time with the modern beauty of woodgrain aluminum siding, with FastPlank® Systems.

Curious to find out more about FastPlank® Systems’ complete aluminum plank siding system? Get in touch today, to receive complimentary samples and a no-charge estimate to bring out the best in your next cladding project.

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