The industry’s leading aluminum trim system, EasyTrim boasts a range of sizes and colors for the most durable and attractive final touch to your exterior.

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EasyTrim Reveals

EasyTrim Reveals® is a complete two-piece, exterior aluminum trim system designed for compatibility with the most popular siding products on the market.

Ideal for traditional and modern single-family homes, multi-unit, mixed-use, commercial, and institutional applications, EasyTrim® has quickly become the industry’s choice, seamlessly adapting to a variety of panel or lap products, while accommodating different sizes and thicknesses of material.

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The Choice is Easy

Columbus Place EasyTrim Reveals Aluminum Trim System


Available in stock, anodized, or custom colors, EasyTrim comes in a variety of sizes designed to complement the most popular planks and panels. Our overlapping trims provide a clean finish and eliminate sharp edges, reducing risk and liability, important for all building types from residential to commercial structures.

EasyTrim Reveals Aluminum Trim System


Developed to work in combination with fiber cement, engineered wood, and vinyl, while accommodating different sizes and thicknesses of material, EasyTrim® preserves and protects siding against moisture infiltration and deterioration — so your exterior doesn’t become weathered and dated.

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Crafted from ultra-durable 6063-T6 extruded aluminum, EasyTrim® is UV and rust-resistant and tested to stand up to severe conditions. Intelligent design allows expansion and contraction, and safeguards siding. EasyTrim withstands harsh elements and extreme temperatures, extending the life of your exterior.

Innovative Patented Features Protect Your Investment


Designed with an 8-degree slope, our EZ.Slope® technology ensures horizontal ledges shed water and grime, keeping your siding clean and free of debris, extending a like-new look.


A simplified installation process, open “tab-free” areas make siding installation quick and efficient, and snap-in top caps ensure panels and planks are protected and locked securely in place.


Intelligently designed profiles create channels ensuring water drains more effectively, preserving siding from deterioration and extending the life of your building exterior.

Fit & Finish

Overlapping two-piece trims provide a clean, finished appearance and eliminate sharp edges on corners and high-traffic areas, reducing risk and liability.

Optimum Performance

More than just a trim solution, EasyTrim® reduces installation time and preserves the building’s exterior, and enhances overall performance, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance. EasyTrim’s Fit and Finish™ features overlapping trims designed to preserve and protect siding from moisture and harsh elements, extending the life of your building exterior.

Crafted using ultra-durable T6 extruded aluminum, EasyTrim® is UV/rust-resistant and rigorously tested to stand up to the harshest conditions. Discover what makes EasyTrim Reveals® the standout choice for those who want the best trim system available.


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Credo EasyTrim Reveals Aluminum Trim System

Versatile & Compatible

Available in a variety of standard sizes to accommodate your taste and needs, EasyTrim® is designed to complement the most popular lap, siding and panel options on the market. The perfect finishing touch to fiber cement, engineered wood, vinyl, and more, EasyTrim® has quickly become the industry’s leading choice for exterior aluminum trim.

Choose from stock, primed, and anodized colors, or customize colors to achieve any color imaginable using our ColorMatch® program.

EasyTrim’s ColorMatch® System Offers Endless Possibilities

Limited only by your imagination, we offer a range of in-stock standard color options, and can easily accommodate custom colors.

Easy As 1-2-3

Easytrim Reveals Assembly Installation Aluminum Trim

Simplified Installation Makes it Easy

EasyTrim’s backplates are cut on-site and installed, allowing planks and panels to be inserted quickly and easily, and our innovative EasyLock® two-piece system snaps together using a patented assembly for swift installation, saving time and money.

See our EasyTrim® installation guide and see for yourself how quick and easy it is to install.

Countless versatile components and intelligent design allow expansion and contraction in varying temperatures, to maintain a like-new finish and our Fit and Finish™ feature ensures maximum edge protection, safeguarding exterior planks and panels.

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See the Difference – EasyTrim in Action

EasyTrim complements the most popular and widely used siding products on the market. Put the finishing touch on your inspiring new building design and extend the life of your exterior with the industry’s leading aluminum trim system.

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EasyTrim Profile Options

Versatility in Design

Designed for versatility, EasyTrim® is the ultimate solution for all types of building exteriors from residential and commercial, to multi-unit rental properties, commercial storefronts, educational and healthcare institutions, and much more.

We developed EasyTrim Reveals® with ease of install in mind. Our products are designed to save you time and money, and extend the life of your building exterior to provide lasting value for property owners. Our all-aluminum trim systems are compatible with fiber cement siding from most major manufacturers.

Our team is here to help answer any questions you may have. Connect with one of our representatives across North America and find out how you can use EasyTrim® to create a unique and extraordinary building design.

EasyTrim Reveals Versatile Aluminum Trim

Planning. Construction. Post-Build.

Unmatched Support At Every Step

At Engage Building Products, we’re committed to your project’s success. Our team collaborates with our clients to review building plans, provide complimentary estimates and take-offs, and answer any questions to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.

With a full team of technical support and installation training representatives combined with a suite of installation guides, warranty information, product specifications and more, you can feel confident knowing Engage Building Products has you covered.

15-Year Warranty Included

EasyTrim Reveals® extruded aluminum trim profiles include a 15-year Limited Warranty. EasyTrim® is also compliant with all major fiber cement manufacturers’ warranties.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Check our FAQs below for commonly asked questions about EasyTrim Reveals.

EasyTrim® is intelligently designed with inclusive features that help to dispel moisture more effectively. Since water-management features are built into EasyTrim’s profiles; it has been proven that for most installations, a rain screen is not always necessary. For the requirements of many local and national building codes, however, the EasyTrim® system does not qualify as a full rainscreen.

EasyTrim® standard finishes include Clear Anodized (silver matte finish), Black Anodized, and Stock White, as well as a Primed finish if site painting is preferred.

EasyTrim’s ColorMatch® Program, allows us to provide trim profiles in any color option imaginable, including your brand-specific colors. Visit the EasyTrim Color page to find out more.

Pre-finished anodized aluminum trim profiles deliver the best value since anodized aluminum is a very low-maintenance finish.

Yes. EasyTrim® offers a Primed finish option for your on-site painting needs. EasyTrim Reveals® Primed finish trim profiles are primed with a PPG Duracron primer and have a one-year paint application window after installation.


1) Paint will not adhere to our Anodized finishes.

2) Once painted, however, the applicable warranty is that of the paint provider.

We recommend using a high-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint when painting primed EasyTrim® trim profiles on-site. This is the same paint recommended by the fiber cement manufacturers for use when painting primed fiber cement products; therefore, both primed fiber cement and primed EasyTrim Reveals® are painted with the same paint formulation when painted on site. Various paint manufacturers offer high-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint.

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