How to Make Your Siding Stand Out with EasyTrim Reveals®

Exterior trim has been used to complete the corners, finish windows, and terminate commonly used siding in residential and commercial structures. Often made from wood, or similar products designed to look like wood, these boards were originally used to complete the high contact areas of a building – like corners. However, as newer building materials have become available, exterior trim options have expanded dramatically to include a variety of materials like vinyl, engineered wood, and fiber cement.

While each of those trim materials has its benefits, in this article, we’ll examine how our aluminum trim systems, EasyTrim Reveals were not only developed to add years of durability to LAP and panel siding but also to work with the design of a structure to create a higher level of curb appeal. So whether you’re a homeowner renovating your house siding or a contractor working on the exterior of a new build, our aluminum trim is the solution to many of the issues you face when installing traditional trim. 

Eliminating the Need for Caulk

When working with our aluminum trim, the worry regarding gaps between the siding and trim has been removed. Unlike traditional trim detailing, where the siding butts up to the trim,  LAP and panel siding slide directly into the EasyTrim to create a secure, gap-less installation. Covering the edges of the siding means no caulking, and the time needed for installation is reduced drastically.

With traditional trim, though, you’ve got to be careful about gaps. Installers will have to caulk around the junctures where the siding meets the trim to ensure there aren’t any leaks in the future. Caulking these spaces can cause a “messy,” unfinished appearance and lead to moisture damage if not correctly applied. In addition, when exposed to UV and the elements, caulking breaks down quickly and needs to be repaired or replaced every few years. By choosing EasyTrim Reveals, you will have a maintenance-free exterior trim detail. 


Unsightly Exposed Fasteners

Traditional trim is designed to be installed by nailing through the face of the trim into the cladding beneath it. The problem with this is that when you nail through the front of the trim, you leave unsightly nails that detract from the finished appearance of your project. In addition, as the building settles, these fasteners will often break the surface of the finished trim, leaving an ‘unfinished’ look on the building. 


EasyTrim Reveals aluminum trim is different – the easier installation, which has the fasteners that hold the trim to the building covered by the siding – removing any fear of fasteners showing through in the future. This means you can achieve a beautiful appearance on your project while saving time and money by using less labor and materials during the installation. The result is a more seamless finish that looks great on your home and makes life easier for everyone involved in the process!

Modern Finishes for a Standout Appearance 

Traditional trim has a bulky, rough look that can make your project look dated. But with EasyTrim, you can create a sleek, contemporary appearance that stands out on any finished project.

When you choose EasyTrim, you have several finish options: painted, black anodized, or clear anodized (silver).  Each option provides a smooth, polished finish perfect for modern designs. Or, if you want to paint it to have it blend seamlessly into your exterior, we offer the primed trim ready for painting or can paint to match any siding color.


Our aluminum trim is perfect for any project where you want to create an intentional aesthetic while still fitting in with the surrounding area. Considering the cost-effectiveness of EasyTrim Reveals, the increased installation speed (likely more than twice as fast), and the freedom to modernize any design, it is easy to see how this product has revolutionized the LAP and panel siding market.

Our complete aluminum trim system for fiber cement, engineered wood, and vinyl siding on single-family homes, multi-family developments, and commercial buildings is compatible with almost every panel or lap product of all sizes and thicknesses. So you’re not just getting a premium product at an affordable price—you’re getting an investment that will last for years to come and look great while doing so! Contact one of our expert representatives in your area to bring your design to life and provide practical solutions that fit your needs.

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