Siding Solutions: The two-piece trim advantage

Installation times for projects can be the biggest frustration for property owners and contractors alike. We appreciate the difficulties on both sides, and that’s why we’ve developed our systems to help installation move faster and with less effort overall.

One of these developments is the two-piece trim technology we call “EZ.Lock”, which is used in our EasyTrim Reveals and QuickPanel Systems products. EZ.Lock helps speed up the installation process by adding “tab-free” areas to the vertical backplates.

Here’s a brief overview of the installation process when using EasyTrim Reveals.

  • Vertical backplates are installed on the building’s exterior.
  • On these tab-free areas, installers can quickly place their chosen siding solution, conventionally fiber cement, lap, or ACM panels.
  • Once the siding solution is laid onto the vertical backplate, a top cap can be easily snapped into place, locking everything together.

Easy, right?

Comparing two-piece trim with one-piece trim systems

Let’s compare the two-piece approach with traditional one-piece trim systems.

When installing fibre cement conventionally, you would first need to pre-drill holes into each panel that aligns with the studs. These panels can then be placed onto the backplates and underneath the trim, aligning the pre-drilled holes onto each stud. Now in place, the panels are screwed into the studs to complete their installation.

For corners, however, installation can be a bit more complicated. Tabs would need to be added to each piece of trim to offer a place for panels to be secured. This extra step can end up costing a lot of time, as each piece of trim would need to be measured to staple each tab for each piece of siding. Throughout an entire project, this adds up to a lot of extra overhead.

Another challenge facing one-piece trim systems is that their vertical backplates cannot achieve full panel coverage. This is a big problem because it often leads to the formation of gaps between the siding and trim. These gaps may cause the installers difficulties as panels become misaligned. For the property owner, these gaps can allow moisture to collect and eventually wear through the siding.

Advantages of EasyTrim Reveals design

For all EasyTrim Reveals products, horizontal profiles slide naturally into vertical profiles. This creates a complete and sophisticated water-management system that channels water away from the building and siding. Comparatively, traditional trim solutions lack the streamlined fit and finish offered by the range of EasyTrim Reveals products. Traditional trim solutions may lead to water collection that would damage siding, requiring increased maintenance.


Further, the final finish of EasyTrim Reveals is symmetrical and seamless. EasyTrim Reveals are available with a half-inch reveal that matches the half-inch tab area, creating a “picture frame” illusion around each section of siding. For comparison, lap siding that uses conventional trim systems can often be left staggered due to their difficult installation, offering less protection, and damaging the overall appearance without any symmetry.


The extra-large, half-inch tabs of EZ.Lock top caps lock the panel into place to provide exceptional holding power and protection for the siding. Additionally, the system creates hidden drainage and ventilation channels throughout the trim system, ensuring that the siding and building envelope are fully protected from moisture. Sharp edges are also no issue since all trim pieces are specially designed to eliminate the hazards they present.


Through the use of EasyTrim Reveals and its patented EZ.Lock technology, installation teams save time while producing a refined finished product. By working directly with project managers and contractors, our teams focus on providing value to ensure that you can save time and increase productivity by choosing our products.

As with all our products, EasyTrim Reveals was designed to solve the real challenges that affect installation teams and contractors. By creating products that speed up installation, provide superior functionality, and produce beautiful results, we hope to provide our customers with greater value in all future projects.

We encourage you to reach out to one of our trained and experienced representatives to discuss how your next project can be improved by using EasyTrim Reveals or QuickPanel Systems!

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