(i-nə-ˈvā-shən) noun. The introduction of something new.
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Simplify & Revolutionize

Innovation starts with an idea, and the motivation to actualize it. To see a problem through the lens of its solution.

This is what drives our team at Engage Building Products. From the company’s inception, we have been motivated to simplify and revolutionize the building products industry. With intelligent, versatile, and stunning designs, Engage has quickly established our solutions and people as the superior choice for optimal long-term results.

Patents Filed and Granted Globally

Refusing to Accept the Status Quo

Engage is consistently at the forefront of innovative building technology. Our suite of intelligent, versatile and sustainable products – supported by more than 300 patents to date – transform the face of building exteriors and communities.

We prioritize ingenuity, innovation and collaboration by actively listening to our people and our partners. This collective approach empowers us to challenge norms, elevate standards, and foresee the future before it unfolds. Through these innovative building solutions, we aspire not only to anticipate, but redefine and surpass the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

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Innovative Mindset

Redefining the Building Product Market


Despite our rapid growth, Engage has retained its innovative mindset. We are a learning organization above all else – one that repeatedly anticipates the future before it arrives.

Tailored to diverse architectural styles and building code requirements, our products are optimally engineered for superior durability and design creativity. Whether you aim to make a visual statement or blend seamlessly with your environment, Engage exterior systems and solutions make the optimal choice for longevity, lasting value and curb appeal.

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