(i-nə-ˈvā-shən) noun. The introduction of something new.

Simplify &


Innovation starts with an idea, and the motivation to actualize it. To see a problem through the lens of its solution.

This is what drives our team at Engage Building Products. From the company’s inception, we have been motivated to simplify and revolutionize the building products industry. With intelligent, versatile, and stunning designs, Engage has quickly established our products and people as the go-to solution for long-term results.

Patents Filed and Granted Globally

Refusing to Accept the Status Quo

With over 300 patents filed and granted globally, Engage consistently leads the way because we refuse to accept the status quo. Since we understand the industry on a deeper level, we’ve engineered all our products to feature quick and easy-to-follow installation technology. FastPlank’s Clip & Slide™ system, and QuickPanel and EasyTrim’s EZ.Lock® technologies expedite efficiency while removing the need for unsightly face fasteners or messy caulking. These patented systems provide revolutionary moisture and water management technology, surpassing the industry standard. Fabricated from durable and low-maintenance aluminum, all three Engage products help shield from rot, rust, hail, rain, wind, heat, and cold, allowing your project to remain protected and beautiful for years to come.


Redefining Exterior Building Solutions

Despite our rapid growth, Engage has retained its innovative mindset. We are a learning organization above all else – one which repeatedly anticipates the future before it arrives. As a team-driven company, we embrace the ideas of our employees and customers from every level. This collaborative spirit ensures that Engage remains accountable to the needs of our stakeholders while we continue to challenge norms, elevate standards, and redefine the building product market.


With Us

Engage is at the forefront of developing top-quality building products. Not only improving our current product lineup but continually innovating for the future.