EasyTrim EZ 108 – 2-Piece J 5/16″ Trim

EZ 108 – 2-Piece J 5/16″ Trim

5/16” Trim System
J Trims

The EZ 108 two-piece assembly consists of a backplate and top cap. The top cap consists of a 1/2” tab that covers and protects the vertical edge of the panel and is joined to the backplate with the EZ.Lock® SNAPLOCK® engagement. EZ 108 is used around the sides and bottoms of windows and doors and other vertical wall penetrations.

Length: 120"

EasyTrim® Color Options

Available in Stock, Anodized, and Primed, or create any custom color with our ColorMatch® program – Click here to see all EasyTrim Color Options.

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